What is FIRST?

FIRST Robotics is the final program in a series of progressive competitions focused on inspiring K-12 students to pursue STEM fields. Through the competition, high school students develop skills extending from engineering to business which can be used throughout college, and beyond.

After high school, the FIRST organization provides a plethora of scholarship and internship opportunities for alumni. 75% of alumni are students or professionals in the STEM field. Alumni also love to give back by mentoring and volunteering! During the 2018 season, mentors and volunteers contributed 16 million hours back into the program!

What We Do

As a team, we spend several weeks designing, building, and coding robots which accumulates in an international competition season. STEM is only one small part of our experience; we must fundraise at least $5,000 by January, develop documentation, and outreach to the local community.

After we build the bot, we partake in a “competition season”, where teams from around North Carolina, and beyond, spend an intense 3 days competing with their product of that build season. Competition matches involve a combination of “autonomous” pre-programmed movements, and “teleoperated” human-controlled segments. The 2.5-minutes matches feature a 3 teams vs. 3 team style, and these “alliances” of 3 teams are randomly assigned.

Dependent on performance at local competitions, teams are then eligible to compete at a North Carolina State Championship, and eventually World Championships in Houston, Texas. It is our goal to qualify beyond regionals this year!